IPR Annual Poetry Award-2021


Winner- Poem for All Young Daughters- Krishna Roy


Second- That God- Priya Jaindarshi

Third- Poem to Misfortunes- Nutan Sunayana


Arvind Passey- The Road Map on Fingertips

Aparna Madhav Paranjape- Potter

Najam Us Saher- Begin Again

Joanna George- Homecoming

Rakhi Sharma- In Panno Me

Daisy Bala- A Woman Extraordinaire

Abhradeep Bhattacharjee- Paper Oranges

William Cardwell- Tainted By Both Love and Hate

Sheikh Shabir Kulgami- The Torn Dupatta

Tracy Sixsmith- Angel

Chris Foster- Time Poem

P.Harikumar- Two Anglers in New Jersey

Guna Moran- Karna – The Invincible Warrior

Luthan Gangmei- Woman

A. Assunta Cristy- Sermon Before a Stampede

Preethi Rajeev- Trampled

Spondon Ganguli- Where I am from

S.Sreevidhya- Naziya- An Immortal Nigtingale

Sarbajit Roy- A Father Dream

Megha Deshpande- It's Inside

S. A. Raouf- Vah Aadmi

Lakshmi Venkatachalam- My Family Heirloom

Pekingto Jimo- Satirical lines for a Feigned Giver

Smrita Chaudhury- Just One Day

Chayanika Saikia- The Hermitage

Rhea Johnson- Morning Run

Justin Bloomberg- Closing book

Jayachandran Ramachandran- Destination Unknown

Sanjit Kumar Mandal- Amrita

Gautham Pradeep- Let Her Fly

Vaishali Mantri- Bliss

All the winners and short listed poems are published in this print poetry collection -


December 2021