IPR Annual Poetry Award Winner 2020


Ist – “I Want To Be Hanged Once” by  S K Mishra

2nd- “मै मजबूर हू” by S S Acharya

3rd- “I Don't Want Anything” by M K Barwa



Short listed Poems ( Highly Commended Poems)


“Silences” by Shobha Chichra


“Studied Silence” by Usha Sridhar


“My Unconditional Love” by Rashmi Sarkar


"वो छोड़ी हुई औरतें" by Neelam Saxena Chandra


“The Mask” by Sowmya Natarajan


“A Cake Takes Time to Bake” by Vaishnavi Sanoj


“Heart Cries and So Do the Clouds” by Kaushiki Jain


“The Blue Slippers” by Nayanathara S


“Kaput” by Tasnima Yasmin



IPR Annual Award Longlisted Poems-


“Searching for a Conclusion” by Suneet Madan


“Pandemic Boon” by Ranjit K


“Uttara’s Lament” by Jaishankar Menon


“The Lord of my Universe!” by Krithika V Anand


“Janus Lost His Other Face” by Akshaya Pawaskar


“Dreaming Rivers” by Pankajam Kottarath


“Fare Thee Well” by Shreya Lahiri


“Portrait of a Saviour” by Tina Jose


“Laws of the World” by Thanmaya M Shaju


“Transition” by Banani Sikdar


“Grammar Lesson for Poet” by Sonjoy Dutta-Roy


“Me” by Sooraj Ayyappan


“Dreams” by Monica Ashthana


“From the Cave” by Uttam Ambhore


“Gratitude” by Shyamolima Saikia


“The Enemy” by Sreeja Raman


“Am I Not God Child?” By Ayushman Singh Jamwal


“Betrayal” by Komal Gupta


“Flowering Tree” by Pradip Kumar Sengupta


“A Poet's Mind” by Priyadarsini Das


“Old Age Home” by Ranjit Das


“Sabbatical” by Debabrata Roy


“Widow of the martyr of Pulwama” by Firoz Ali


“Shuffle! Shakeup! Restructure Life!” by Shashikala Gadepally


“Unusual” by Suman Mishra


“Solace In Solitude” by Preetha Mohanan


“The Moon Poem” by Anoushka Banerji


“Maa” by Sangeetha Rajagopal


“A Tense Game” by Amit Ranjan


“Happiness” by Khily Saxena Saini


“Becoming Immortal” by Neeraj Giri


“Come before” by Shazia Malik


“The blessing of love” by Savita Saini


“Last Persuit” by Gowri Mohan. J


“Grand Mother's Great Moments” by Kochu valsala


“History is knocking on” by Sadhan Kumar Ghosh


“The Koel” by C V Gupte


“Humanity” by Suchandra Mitra Chaudhury


“The Boy In White Shorts” by Mukti Masih


“Saviour's Destiny” by Aparna


“My mother” by Amita Arya


“A Healing Song for the Wretched World!” by Seetha Vijayakumar


“A purple Tree” by Ravi Prakash


“Blue Bed” by Thenmozhi Mathankumar


“Talent dies” by Ketan Mude


“The Face of Evil” by Anuprabha Venugopal


“World Epidemic COVID” by Trilok Nath Garg


“Degradation of Education” by Sonali Ganguly


“Devil’s Song” by Shubhrangshu Roy


“Rain” by Pinky Sagolsem


“The Goddess Supreme” by Doel Biswas


“Mother Ganga” by Sarmistha Das


“4” by Syeda Shaheen Jeenat Suhailey


“Respect” by Sunita Singh


“A Room of Our Own” by Ardra Manasi


“OIGS” by Priyanka Bhandarkar


“Employee” by Priyanka Sharma


“Growing Up” by Maheen Sami


“Life - A Deception” by Raima Pradhan


“Rejuvenation of life” by Shivali Mehra


“Heaven and Hell” by Surabhi K


“The Mantra of Life” by Pritam Mukherjee


“Snapshots Around the Lake” by Papia Ghosh


“My Grandmas Hands” by Grace Paljor


“I Don’t Meant to Hurt You” by Prakash Roy


"युवा योद्धा" by Vikas Chandak


“My Darling Babe” by T. Sree Latha


“Festival of Lights” by Priyanka Bhandarkar


“The lady in my life” by Pravin Menon


“Pleasing My Heart Mother” by Budhi Sager Gautam

All the winners,short listed and long listed poems will be published in a print poetry collection